Venue Details


Located outside at the North end of the Brooklyn Bridge

Walking Directions

South Garage

Take the escalator to Casino Floor, and then take the carpeted walking path located across from the front desk. Take this path around towards Hershey’s and pass The Chocolate Bar on your right. From here, take the hallway outside towards the Brooklyn Bridge. Once outside, go left towards Nine Fine Irishmen – walk North and Shake Shack will be on your left.

North Garage

Take the parking garage hallway towards the Big Apple Coaster and Arcade. Pass Nathans on your left and take the escalator on the left down to the Casino Level, then take the tile walking path to the left. Walk straight towards, Bar At Times Square, you will pass 48th & Crepe on your right and then pass the Sports Book on your right. Continue straight through the casino entry doors outside. Once you are outside go left and head North on the Brooklyn Bridge. Shake Shack will then be on your left.

Front Desk

If you are facing the front desk, take the tile walking path towards the Century Elevators. Continue straight and you will pass Il Fornaio to your left and Bar At Times Square to your right. Walk through the Village Street Eateries towards 48th & Crepe and passed the Sports Book. Go straight through the casino entry doors outside and go left. Walk North on the Brooklyn Bridge and Shake Shack will be on your left.